The Orchestra

Claudio Abbado and the Musicians of the Mozart Orchestra

  "A real visual and sound poem" Guido Barbieri - La Repubblica 

   "To see. To learn, not to forget" Carla Moreni - Il Sole 24 Ore

   "The final seconds of the film take your breath away" Antonio Dipollina - La Repubblica  


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The Mozart Orchestra has been founded in Bologna (Italy) ten years ago by Master Claudio Abbado. The Orchestra brings together the best classical music performers in the world by mixing young promises and well established solo artists. Among them: Johane Gonzalez, a young double bass player coming from one of the worst slum in Caracas and the famous German trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich. The documentary, following the Orchestra's European tour in 2012-2013, offers a unic and favourite glance on Master Abbado's work and on classical music players' job in contemporary times. The film narrates, both from musical and human point of view, the public and the private life of a group of musicians: Maria Francesca Latella, Federica Vignoni, Lucas Navarro, Alois Posch, Reinhold Friedrich, Alessio Allegrini, Johane Gonzalez. The documentary includes a long and unreleased interview with Master Abbado and concerts and rehearsals shot in Bologna, Luzern, Vienna, Madrid and Palermo.

  Written and directed by
Helmut Failoni and Francesco Merini
  Producer Ilaria Malagutti
  Produced by Mammut Film
  With the support of
 Fabio Roversi Monaco, Fondazione Carisbo, Museum of Bologna
  Dop Michele Mellara
Michele Mellara, Francesco Merini, Luca Palestini
  Interviews Helmut Failoni
  Sound recordist Alessandro Rossi
Paolo Cottignola
  Original Music
Uri Caine and Danusha Waskiewicz
  Music Repertory
Claudio Abbado/Orchestra Mozart
  With Claudio Abbado, Alois Posch, Alessio Allegrini, Reinhold Friedrich, Johane Gonzalez,
  Knut Erik Sundquist, Robert Kendell, Lucas Maćas Navarro, Federica Vignoni, Danusha Waskiewicz,
  Helmut Failoni

  Theatre Screening Format DCP

  Television sales 
  RSI, Rai 5, Sky Arte Germania

  DVD Italy
  Cineteca of Bologna editions

  DVD-Blu Ray Internazionale
  Euro Arts

  World Sales
  Euro Arts

   Biografilm Festival 2014
   Genova Film Festival 2014
   Parma Music Film Festival 2014
   Mitreo Film Festival 2014
   IDFA Amsterdam 2014 - Doc for Sale
   Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2015
   Est Film Festival 2015
   CIMM FEST - Chicago International Movies & Music Festival 2015
   FIFA Montreal 2016

   Best Documentary at Mitreo Film Festival 2014
   Best Documentary at Est Film Festival 2015

   Sotto le stelle del cinema, Bologna, Piazza Maggiore (05-07-2016)
   Berliner Philharmonie (09-03-2016)
   Cineteca di Bologna (14-12-2014)
   Festival della Filosofia di Modena (13-09-2014)
   Madrid, Istituto di Cultura Italiano (26-06-2014)
   Palermo, Steri (10-06-2014)

   Press release

   Corriere della Sera 24-02-2016
   Corriere dell'Alto Adige 16-01-2016 
   Corriere di Bologna 13-09-2014
   La Repubblica 30-06-2014

   Rifrazioni, maggio 2015
   Giornale della musica, luglio 2014

   Hollywood Party, Radio 3, 26-06-2014
   Radio Emilia Romagna, 06-06-2014
   Radio Città del Capo, 04-06-2014
   Rai News 03-06-2014
   TRC 03-06-2014

   Il Deutsch-Italia, 19-03-2016
   La Repubblica, 30-06-2014, 23-06-2014
   Il manifesto Bologna, 14-06-2014
   Il Trentino, 09-06-2014
   Il Fatto ER 07-06-2014 
   Amadeus, 07-06-2014
   Vogue, 04-06-2014
   The Orchestra in Dvd
   Corriere Fiorentino, 07-02-2015
   Il Sole 24 ore, 25-01-2015
   La Repubblica Bologna, 20-01-2015
   Radio Onda Rossa, 18-12-2014
   La Repubblica Bologna, 14-12-2014
   Corriere di Bologna, 13-12-2014

   The Orchestra at Sotto le Stelle del Cinema, Piazza Maggiore - Bologna
   Corriere di Bologna, 05-07-2016
   La Repubblica Bologna, 05-07-2016 
   Ansa, 04-07-2016

   Best documentary Est Film Festival
   Corriere di Bologna, 02-08-2015

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