Work fever, Bologna 1945-1980


The documentary narrates about Bologna, about doing politics in Bologna, from 1945 to 1977. The narration of the film goes on sometimes by evocations, sometimes by pointing out historically important phases in the political, social and cultural life of the city. A city wich rapidly went out the riconstruction phase and became a national guide in the creation of an economic development model based on small and medium enterprises, on distribution and production foods consortia, on building mutual companies and local banks. On the other side, Bologna put fore-front social services in the field of elderly persons cares, of family and children sustains, with a great efficiency in the health care and in the public green safeguard.
Bologna was the ex-partisans’s and anti-fascist’s invention of a possible city: livable, lively, supportive and comfortable.

Conception, Script and direction
Michele Mellara and Alessandro RossiI
Interviews to municipal councillors by Paola Furlan
Research by Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi, Paola Furlan, Ilaria Malagutti, Lucia Marani, Francesca Bruni, Vincenzo Bagnoli, Marco Rizzo, Mirco Degli Esposti, Vladimir Fava
Editing Mirella Carrozzieri
Director's assistant Marco Rizzo
Director of photography and 1° camera operator Michele Mellara
2° camera operator Francesco Merini
Original soundtrack Nicola Bagnoli, Alessandra Reggiani
Sound recordist Alessandro Rossi
Executive production and organization Ilaria Malagutti
Delegate producer Gianluca Farinelli
Collaborator to production Enrica Serrani
Produced by Cineteca del Comune di Bologna and Mammut Film with the contribution of Comune di Bologna, Film Commission Emilia Romagna, Fondazione Carisbo, Provincia del Comune di Bologna e Fondazione del Monte
Archive materials from Archivio del Movimento Operaio, Archivio Don Sturzo, Archivio Ist. Gramsci, Archivio Ist. Ferruccio Parri,  Archivio cinematografico della Cineteca del Comune di Bologna, Archivio fotografico della Cineteca del Comune di Bologna, Teche RAI, Istituto Luce, Archivio della Provincia di Bologna, Archivi Privati
Post production and image works L'Immagine Ritrovata
Lenght 83'
Year 2010

World Sales

DVD: ed. Cineteca di Bologna - Documenti del presente (Italia)

Cineteca of Bologna

Festival and Screenings 
Special Event Visioni Italiane, Bologna 2010;
Screenings at Cinema lumičre, Bologna 2010; 
Special Event Sotto le stelle del cinema - Piazza Maggiore Bologna 2010;
Screening at Tongji University, inside the Festival of Italian Cinema, Shangai 2010
Special Prize of the Jury at  Festival Internacional de cinema de arquivo, Rio de Janeiro 2011.

Press release 

Work fever at Visioni Italiane Festival
Work fever on dvd
Work fever in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna


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