a film by Bernardo Bolognesi and Francesco Merini

"Merini and his friends (attention, not actors, technicians, workers, no: friends!) have made an unpublished film, in which the intelligence that trains you does not pretend to become a lesson generation" Franco La Polla - QN

"A film that weaves together the sometimes tortuous, sometimes hilarious paths of a group of twenty-year-olds who are not so sure of their choices" Paolo Mereghetti - Corriere della sera

"Exhilarating portrait of a group of young people today" Franco Montini - La Repubblica

"Pungent and disarming" FilmTv

un film di Bernardo Bolognesi e Francesco Merini

50 replications in 6 months 

One of the most replicated film by Bologna's Cineteca

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