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Why is it that fifteen million people die from easily curable diseases in the southern hemisphere every year? A daily massacre that could so easily be avoided. Why?
In an attempt to answer this question, Health for Sale aims to investigate the problem of access to essential pharmaceutical drugs in developing countries, taking into account economic, political, medical and social perspectives. We believe a problem as serious, wide-ranging and complex as this requires greater depth of analysis, naturally without overlooking the need for communicative simplicity.
It is for this reason that we have chosen to adopt an animated figure to guide the viewer towards a more direct and immediate understanding of the more complicated issues, such as the realities of the global pharmaceuticals market and the history of the various international agreements that have been reached.

Directed by
Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi
Written by Michele Cogo in collaboration with Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi
Edited by Fabio Bianchini Pepegna
Director of the Photography Michele Mellara
Music by Nicola Bagnoli, Alessandra Reggiani
Sound Recordist Alessandro Rossi
Executive Producers Ilaria Malagutti, Roberto Lippi
Produced by Coop Voli and Mammut Film with the contribution of Regione Toscana
Animations Quick e Slim, Lisa Amerighi
Graphic Designer and Post Production Gianmarco Gaviani
Mix Gilles Barberis
Voice Over Mauro Marchese
Time Lenght 52'
Year 2017

World Sales 
DVD: California News Reel DVD (USA); VEA video educational DVD (Australia); Gruppo Ermitage, Cecchi Gori (Italy)
TV: Yes TV (Israel); Al Jazeera Middle East TV (Arab Countries); NZ TV (New Zealand); PTSF (Taiwan); EBS (South Corea); TV CZ (Czech Republic); Against Gravity (Poland); ERT (Greece); TVE (Spain); Mac TV (United Kingdom); TSI (Italian Switzerland); UR (Sweden); Current TV (Italy); TV1 (France).

First Hand Film

Festival and Prize
Best Italian Doc Torino CinemAmbiente 2007
XXV Bellaria Film Festival 2007
II Festival del documentario di Siena 2007
Festival del documentario La città del Sole, Sestino, Arezzo 2007
Jonio Educational Film Festival 2007
Doc in Tour, Emilia Romagna, 2008
Eco Festival Atene 2008
XXIV International Festival di Sarajevo 2008
Festival della Scienza, Milano 2008
Human Rights Festival Buenos Aires 2008
Documenta Madrid - Festival Internazionale del Documentario 2008
Volda Festival del Documentario, Norvegia 2008
Green Film Festival Seoul, Sud Korea 2008
Seoul Film Festival 2008
Italia DOC, Roma 2008
Eco Vision Film Festival, Palermo 2008
Milano Film Festival, sez. Colpe di Stato, 2008
Festival Internacional de Cine y Derechos Humanos, Barcellona 2008
V Festival Internazionale della Biodiversità, Roma 2008
Ring! Festival della critica cinematografica, Alessandria 2008
Festival Internazionale Cine Gaia, Rio de Janerio 2008
Festival Internazionale Health for Development, Barcellona 2008
Il sentimento della realtà, Carpi, Modena 2009
Roma Doc Scient, Roma 2009
Basel Karlsruhe Forum, Svizzera 2009
Kos International Health Film Festival, Special Mentions, Grecia 2009
Festival Terra di tutti, Bologna 2009
Circuito Sardegna, 2009

26.10.2007 time 20:30 e 22:30 screening at Cinema Lumiére (Cineteca di Bologna)
8/9/11.12.2007 screening at Cinema Lumiére (Cineteca di Bologna)
16.01.2008 Cinema Gloria (Como)
17.01.2008 Cinema Gloria (Como)
17.01.2008 Cinema di Bagnacavallo (Forlì)
11.03.2008 Civico 32 (Bologna)
19.03.2008 Cinema's House (Rome)
31.03.2008 screening at the opening of the Festival della Scienza (Milan)
01.04.2008 Cinema Edison (Parma)
07.04.2008 Cinema Multisala Impero (Varese)
07.04.2008 Cinema Rosebud (Reggio Emilia)
07.04.2008 Cinema Baretti (Torin)
23.06.2008 Cinema Fortezza da basso, (Florence)
14.07.2008 Cinema di Fano, (Ancona)
14.04.2008 Cinema Baretti (Torino)
23.04.2008 Cinema Capitol, Fiorenzuola D'Arda (Piacenza)
30.04.2008 Cinema Jolly (Piacenza)
12.05.2008 Cinema Saffi d'essai (Forlì)
16.05.2008 Cinema di Castel Maggiore (Bologna)
22.05.2008 Teatro Comunale, Castello D'Argine (Parma)
25.05.2008 Cinema Truffaut (Modena)
27.05.2008 Cinema Metropolitan, Bibbiano (Reggio Emilia)
28.05.2008 Rete Ong (Grugliasco)
29.05.2008 Rete Ong (Grugliasco)
29.05.2008 Cinema Italia, (Faenza)
23.06.2008 Cinema Fortezza da basso, (Firenze)
14.07.2008 Chiostro di Sant'Agostino, Fano (Ancona)
21.10.2008 Cineteatro Excelsior (Rubiera)
01.11.2008 Cineam Crystal, Lovere (Bergamo)
21.11.2008 Sala Giovanni Paolo II (Alcamo)
22.11.2008 Sala San Tarcisio, Valva (Salerno)
02.12.2008 Teatro Sociale Villani (Biella)
02.12.2008 Cooperativa Buonsegno, Sordevolo (Biella)
10.12.2008 Cinema Lux (Padova)
11.12.2008 Cinema Sant'Andrea, Pernate (Novara)
19.02.2009 Cinema Tetro Capitan Bovo, Isola della Scala (Verona)
11.03.2009 Cinema Vittoria, Bra  (Cuneo)
18.03.2009 Cinema Lumiere - Sala Don Bosco (Asti)
18.03.2009 Nuovo Cinema Lux (Centallo)
26.03.2009 Cinema Nuovo Multisala, Borgomanero (Novara)
21.04.2009 Cinema Splendor, Chieri (Turin)
26.04.2009 Cineforum Vodeodrome  (Bolzano)
10.10.2009 Convegno Medico (Milan)
02.12.2009 Cinema del Carbone (Mantova)
14.12.2009 Cinema la Bottega (Cagliari)
02.12.2010 Brancaleone, (Rome)
03.12.2010 Trento's University, Sociology's Faculty (Trento)

DVD's presentation in bookstores
September 29, 6.00 p.m., Feltrinelli bookstore, Piazza Ravegnana 1 (Bologna)
October 2, 5.30 p.m., Feltrinelli
bookstore, Via Garibaldi 30/A (Ferrara)
October 30 6.00 p.m., Feltrinelli
bookstore, Corso Umberto 5/7 (Pescara)
November 12, 6.00 p.m., Feltrinelli
bookstore, Via Cesare Battisti 17 (Modena)
November 27, 6.30 p.m., Feltrinelli
bookstore, Stazione Porta Nuova (Turin)

Press release


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