The President of the World



A project of documentary by Michele Cogo, Francesco Merini, Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Written and directed by Michele Cogo and Francesco Merini
Produced by Ilaria Malagutti for Mammut film in collaboration with Cicco Corporation - ITC Movie with the support of Municipality of Bologna and Bibbona

Subject Given that the U.S President takes decisions wich affect everyone in the world, why we shoudnít vote for him too? From this simple question were born the first american elections for non-americans, that took place at La California, a little town near Livorno, in 2004 and 2008. An event that led up to elections thousands of italian citizens, with an impressive worldwide media coverage. This couldít be possible without the collaboration of important names of entertainment and cultureís world, like Oliviero Toscani (curator for the communication of the event), Beppe Grillo (who perfomed in the square during the elections), and the participation of Sabina Guzzanti, Stefano Benni, Wu-Ming, Piero Chiambretti and many other. Are we all Americans? is a documentary that shows the birth and the development of this odd event, with the suspect that it could be taken for something serious in the future. The proof is that the ballot-papers of La Californiaís elections were officially taken by the American consul in Florence. Itís just the beginning.

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