The dust theatre rose in 1993 from an idea of Michele Mellara, Moreno Mari and Alessandro Rossi.

It develops its activity both in the production of performances and in the organization and management of a thetre festival wich brings in Bologna (often in regional preview) many household names of the Italian research (Antonino Iurio, Andrea Renzi, Teatri Uniti, Maurizio Donadoni, Forced Entertainment, Elisabeth Zundel). The same year (1993) the project "Pasolini:idee perdute?" (cycle of studies, conferences and workshops) is developed.

     (Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi in Stanze Concrete Upside down Circus)

In 1994/95 is time for the first study "Stanze Concrete: prove sceniche?" by and with Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi. The idea of the group as an experience open to collaboration and dialogue, continue to be one of the poetic columns of the dust theatre. After a long workshop with the director Lucia Amara, in 1996 is introduced a study on the figure of the painter Beniamino Joppolo: "Circoli Maniaci". 1997/98 season turn on very deep for the group. Two productions of new exhibitions: the project TdjP who will generate "Quad (in the jungle)" and "Stanze Concrete up side down circus".
They both born from the will to try a new theatrical code, wich takes into account the changes of the scene's space.


In 1998 Stanze Concrete-Upsidedowncircus, second part of the project, is in Berna, at the International Festival of Sarayevo, Opera Prima in Rovigo and Teatri '90 in Milan. Quad-in the jungle is finalist at the Concorso Iceberg in Bologna and is performed at Teatri '90 in Milan and other festivals.

From 1998 the dust theatre collaborates with Circolo Arci B. Brecht for a three-year project of workshops on place's memory and urban tissue of Navile/Corticella block, producing the performances "Acqua Marziale" and "1929" inspired to Brecht's S. Giovanna dei Macelli.


In 2000 it goes on with "Suburra", wich is the result of a complex international project with the title Viaggio. Viandanti. Visioni. Violenza. Notte.


Organized by dust theatre with the support of Comitato Bologna 2000, Cittą Europea della Cultura, the  project inquires around the relationships between center and outskirts of the city. This should help giving to all the inititives of Bologna 2000 a wide european scope and the chance to be a culture's capital. With such an aim two artists of international fame were invited in Bologna: Elizabeth Zundel, performer and director from Berlin, and Robin Arthur from Forced Entertainment, an English successful sperimental group. They have worked with young actors to realize travelling performances, in wich the audience should join an altereted vision of the urban area.

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