Project's development

Audiovisual production, both if it's a documentary, a feature lenght for the cinema or another product for the tv and home video market, needs more and more a new breed of professional skilled with the funding by European, regional or international funds. The research of these calls of proposal, often pointed to the development of the projects and to the filling of the acces papers, needs specific skills. Mammut Film has professional people noteworthy in this field and it offers to production's companies and authors its competences to follow the development, the fund raising and the follow-up of the audiovisual projects.

In particolar Mammut Film offers:
  • reading of projects and analysis of their eventual agreement with the announcement for the development of projects.
  • consultancy for the filling of Media Call for proposal (Development, Training, Distribution, Festivals) and for the main Development announcement.
  • consultancy for the drafting of Eurimages announcement.
  • consultancy for the attendance to the main sessions of European pitchings
  • consultancy for the attendance to European and International co-productions markets (documentary and cinema)
  • consultancy for the fund raising with the new financing Italian law.
For further informations: Ilaria Malagutti

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